“This Is The New Year”

This is why I watch this show.

I feel like I’m going to be talking about this video forever, regardless of how they use it in the episode, although I suspect it’s the last number in the episode (since the calendars are already produced) and that a lot of resolutions or imagined resolutions will have happened here.

But one of the things I cannot get over, other than just how great this track is (and you should check out the original which is just as powerful, musically very similar and yet moving in a different way in its video presentation), is Blaine’s body language in it.

I’m always super responsive to body language because I’m a dancer first and how we move doesn’t just tell other people what we’re feeling, it informs the feelings themselves.

And Blaine here, in the opening segments when he’s just staring into the camera.  That’s someone who’s decided to be brave and hopeful and is terrified, not because it’s hard but because it feels so new.  There’s a lot of meta going around about Blaine really starting to come out of what was pretty clearly a depressive episode that began probably around “Michael” and was actually visible around “On My Way” and I definitely feel like I’m looking at someone waking up from that experience, who is happy and relieved at it, but also scared because that has become more familiar to him than whatever all this giddy life is.

This is a Blaine who can fight for Kurt instead of beg for Kurt.  This is a Blaine who can do something other than wait.  This is a Blaine who realizes he can survive no matter which way it shakes out and isn’t made sad by that fact.  This is a Blaine Kurt can, when he’s ready, feel like he can say yes to.  This is, I think, what I wanted “Some Nights” to be, but of course that was a sing of people acknowledging the battle, not coming out the other side.

Around the time of “On My Way” there was a lot of discussion, in part because of a physical gesture Blaine made at one point, about whether Blaine has ever experienced suicidal ideation.  I think we, the audience, will never know.  It think if he had pre-Dalton/WMHS, Blaine may never actually have told anyone we know on the show about it now.  I think there’s a chance Blaine’s not even actually sure quite how serious some of the darker places of his depression have been and may not know how to articulate them to others — worried he’d be exaggerating or upsetting people.  When he’s not feeling that way it is, I think, hard to remember for him what that feeling was like.

But even if he can’t remember what was happening for him at his worst, in his song, it’s clear that he’s not there now.  Listen to the lyrics he has lead on.  This is watching someone feeling like they can choose to live, feeling like they can walk away from mourning (not just the relationship, but himself), and standing on some shaky newborn foal legs to do it.

We’ve all had those movie magic moments where we’ve got a soundtrack in our head and we feel like we look great and we suddenly know with absolute terror, at least for a few moments, that we can transform our worlds.

This is, in that weird way Glee does things (we’re watching someone have a movie magic moment on TV), Blaine having that moment in his head and in his life.

It’s incredibly powerful and also so essential, because Kurt’s death work and transformative stuff is a natural environment for Kurt, but really, really bad for other people.  Blaine always had to be something else and when he couldn’t be his own person in the face of Kurt, couldn’t hold his own light (yes, I’m referencing exactly what you think I am), everything fell apart.

Every time I watch this video I feel it right in my sternum, in my chin held just a little too high, in the idea that even after everything anyone’s eyes can be that wide and guileless.  It’s such a good performance, and it gives me all these little micro-feels about stuff that’s not spelled out on Glee, but that’s been happening in these performances all along.

Sometimes fighting doesn’t feel like throwing a punch.  Sometimes fighting feels like standing like this.  And we’ve never seen Blaine stand like this before.  And that matters.


I feel like Ryan Murphy needs a level-headed writer from tumblr to sit next to him in the writing room and whenever he tries to add more characters or starts to lose continuity they spray his face with a bottle of water and say “BAD RYAN, BAD WRITING, BAD”

Glee Characters as The Avengers | suggested by luckyjak

  • Person: Hey Ryan, it looks like the fans love the show in New York-
  • Ryan Murphy: Yeah we're not gonna do that anymore.
  • Person: ... okaaay... but they love it.
  • RM: I'm bored with this. Anything else?
  • Person: ... okay. Well, the fans really love the smaller cast-
  • RM: Double it.
  • Person: Wait... no-
  • RM: Triple it. In the final season. Everyone who's stepped foot on our set should come back to the show for the final season.
  • Person: I don't think you understa-
  • RM: la la la la la next comment.
  • Person: Fine. Klaine is the most popu-
  • RM: Give them as many problems as possible. Every conversation should be a fight or related to a fight.
  • Person: Won't that upset people?
  • RM: Just have them say sex at the end of it. Or kiss or something. They'll forget aaaaaaaaaaall about it.
  • Person: I don't really th-
  • RM: Are we finished? Yes. I'm done here.

I remain confused as to why Darren Criss is the only performer who’s allowed those more intimate, immediate performances, but I’m sure as hell not complaining.


glee season 2 aka the time i traded my soul for a romantic, talented, fictional gay couple



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Ok I know this would never ever ever happen but just imagine NWIA starting with Blaine singing to Kurt in his hospital bed and then the song kept playing as a soundtrack to Blaine leaving the hospital and tracking the bastards down and as the song ends on Blaine singing that last slow line - Nothing’s going to harm you…not while I’m around - we see Blaine walking up to a group of guys (the bastards who hurt his fiancé) and as the last note plays Blaine throws a punch